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Cherry Soup Again!

It’s cherry soup time again, and I had to share once more my favorite recipe for the start of summer, a guaranteed peak eating experience for you and your loved ones. 

One of my beloved annual food rituals is cherry soup.

Turkey Carcass Bone Broth

Nearly twenty years ago when I was just beginning acupuncture school, before we went on Thanksgiving break, my herb teacher warned our class about the dangers of turkey.

Cauliflower Couscous (Gluten Free!)

Yes, I eat gluten.  Yes, I make efforts to eat less gluten, flour and wheat than I might.

Concord Grape Catsup

August brings a glut, in my garden, of Concord grapes, so perfumed and seeded and copious that they must be preserved.  Jam is not popular in my house, so each August I am impelled to try to come up with a use for the globes which ripen all at once and don’t keep well like my apples.

Fire Cider Harbingers Spring and Fights Flu

New Year, New Leeks

Demystifying Shrubs

Sultry Summer Salad: Nasturtium Fatoush

Sweet Summer and Sweet Corn

Peak Eating Experiences (A Dissertation)

Spring Flings

A Cozy Dish for Late Winter

The Five Elements of Movement

Peak Eating, Moroccan Style

Seeking Peak Eating

Summer Ferments

Easy Dill Pickles

Happy summer solstice!  Celebrate the solar max-out by starting an easy fermentation project today.  Dill pickles are one of the few fermented foods that survive in the Standard American Diet (SAD).1

How to Really Cook Real Food

Home cooking is an act of resistance “against the infiltration of commercial interests into every last cranny of our lives” (Michael Pollan, Cooked, 2013).  Cooking is transformative and so much more than mere reheating or assembling which is much of what passes for cooking in these United States.

Feeling Spring

This week has been a week of celebration.  Spring officially arrived on March 20th along with the first asparagus and strawberries at the farmers’ market.

Raise the Roots

A staple food of winter for our forebears, root vegetables come in a dizzying variety and can be prepared in many ways to fuel you year-round.1

Never Stop Learning

Deep in the winter, we wrestle, concious or not, with issues of health, vitality and longevity.  This is the most yin time of year, when we should rest a bit more and bring our focus inward.  It is a wonderful time to study, contemplate and plan.

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