New Years Resolution: More Green Soup, Less of Everything Else

It’s as cold now as it ever gets here in sunny California. I’ve busted out the silk long underwear, never take off my new fuzzy white hat, and eat soup with breakfast, lunch and dinner to keep warm. I cheer myself up by making camping reservations for the summer. My January maintenance plan: the perfect triadContinue reading “New Years Resolution: More Green Soup, Less of Everything Else”

Nourishing Your Kidneys and Aging with Grace

Ah, winter. It seems to really hit only after the holidays, when the long nights of January march on and the credit card bills come due. The sage consolidates energy in winter, becoming more internally focused, quieter, and listening more. Cooking more, too: long simmered soups and stews, roasting, baking, even a little deep fryingContinue reading “Nourishing Your Kidneys and Aging with Grace”